The word, that I stay to perform myself.

"I can fear, but never retreat"

"Freedom, you can't ask for it, if you're not show it by yourself"

"The things, that make me happy is, you're happy"

"Chaos will never heppen, if you just find yourself and get along with it"

"You can love money more than your life, if you want to. But never let that money to insane your life"

"Heroes are over the world, you also can find one of them in the mirror" Relate "Devils are everywhere and it might be you to be one of them.

"The thing call 'happy', I cannot fine when I was alone. I always find them, when i stay with my family or friend"

"Never call "freak" if you can't say 'normal' to youseld"

"In this world, I can do everything as I want"

"If you been bad, I will take it to me"

"Give a little more and make sure that you will always put little more in everyday until it fool"

"'Time' just keyword, of the part of infinite, and never lie to it"

"Never run away from truth"

"Everybody have their own rhythm of life, never take it from anyone, and you will lost from yourself"

"Put smile to yourself and somebody that see your face might give the love back to you."

"I love my friend."

"I love my family"